This Be The Month Of My Discontent

Okay……..October will either be my make it month, or my break it month. Even if it’s the latter, l’ll address that situation w/ apprehension, but not w/ shame.

The 4mer will hopefully be at the 11th hr, a job comes thru, and can stave off this pending eviction, and l can begin anew. My probs will not have been completely eliminated, but at least l’d have some wiggle room 2 work with, & from that, a base from which 2 brace myself.

On the other hand, if the fates choose not 2 smile favorably upon my situation, then surely l’ll be staring homelessness in the eye, & w/ it being already October, more than likely, November won’t be as 4giving as its preceding month, but if that’s the challenge that lies b4 me, l’ll greet it head on, knowing that between Nov, & Feb, those months w/o a dwelling is gonna be a beast. However…should l survive it, & not succumb 2 despair, l will have proven 2 myself, & perhaps others, that l’m a survivor, & once one has hit rock bottom, the only way 2 go is up.

So 4 right now, this will be my last blog post,…at least until, things start 2 shift in my direction. Any 4 the the few of u that actually stumble upon my postings, & the fewer still, that have 4 some reason chosen 2 follow me, l humbly thank u all.

’til next time,

c u when l climb outta this hole

take care of yourselves, &

leave a light on 4 me


My, my, my. Just thinkin’ of what coulda been, & what may…….still be.
Good stuff, M.J.!

M.J. King

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One of the biggest perks for me as a writer is wish fulfillment. Seriously.

I mean, we all have those awkward, you’re-a-horrible-human-being-but-I-can’t-say-that moments. Those times when someone deserves a verbal royal smack-down, at the very least. That person probably deserves a punch, too, but that would require touch. Ew.

Usually, all those moments (of which my life has waaaay too many) band together to give me altogether new scenarios to put in my stories. Rarely do the original incidents come through in anything like the reality. But every once in a while something so truly spectacular happens that it eventually worms its way more or less intact into a work of fiction.

The post I’m planning for the Miss You Write Soon project on Thursday will be one such. Intentions may change between now…

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Well At Least l’m Not Dead……Yet

Well……..after a lot of near misses, this appears 2 truly be the storm b4 the storm. l’m still jobless, and 2 make matters worse, my unemployment recently ran out. After this month of Sept, l don’t have anything 2 ive my landlord/lady, so l’m caught between the proverbial “rock, & a hard place”, 2 say the least.

As it stands, l don’t think the owners will immediately put me on the streets (although l can’t swear 2 it) And while l’m beaten & down, l’m not out. Where there’s breath, there’s life, and life, hope!

So as l trudge 4ward, l’m still looking, via internet, via door 2 door, and everything inbetween.


M.J. King

Everyone has things she would like to improve on. Even the narcissists I know don’t consider themselves perfect.

So in honor of imperfection, I give you a List Of (my) Writing Skills In Need Of Improvement:

  • Cover Letters — The bane of my existence, for writing-to-(traditionally)-publish as well as for the unfortunately necessary existence of the day job.
  • Description — Action and dialogue tend to exist in a void in the text. Seriously, every bit of description of mine that makes it to paper is a truly conscious effort.
  • Discipline — Self-explanatory. We all know this one and its evil twin Procrastination.
  • Mary Sues — In my love of strong women, I sometimes forget that to be human is to have flaws. Can they do anything they damn well please? You bet! They may just need a little more creativity to get there. It’s more interesting that way.
  • Melodrama —…

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Comics Burnout, Figured Out

ImageU know, my last post dealt w/ my apathy 2ward the sequential artform known as comics. Thing is, l didn’t know why, l had this seeming apathy, as 2 why l felt this way. Then after some reflection, –bam– an epiphany! The reason l felt this way (not the 1st time, either) was……..l’ve seen it all, b4. Whether it’s the kid friendly / all ages comics, the somewhat more sophisticated versions of the same, the revisionist interpretations, the deconstructionist versions, and whathavya in between! 

Now that l’ve figured out what the prob is, the (?) is; “what now?” On that, l’m still sortin’ stuff out, but 4 now…..if premise can be rivaled by execution, that’s a start. 4 the most part, although l’m not a nostalgic type, regardless l’ll probably bone up on getting more back issue type stuff, as well as concentrating on only “cream of the crop” type stuff, when it comes 2 new books ( i.e. Morning Glories, I, Vampire, etc. As far as mediocre stuff ( i.e., anything w/ the Phoenix Five ) l’ll wait 4 those 2 become part of the quarter bins, or do w/o) 

That’s it 4 now, folks.

The Big BurnOut!!!

About two months ago, I was feeling a little undone. That matter of being undone was about comics. Thing is; I felt that way b4, but then l could just ratchet up my viewing of pro wrestling! Un4tunately, pro wrestling is dead 2 me, these days. So now, what? Basically, I hope that it’s a feeling that’ll pass, but if it doesn’t, that’s another decision that’ll have 2 be on the frontbrner..

Comics have always been, my escape. My refuge. My sanctuary. An extended period of time, w/o my favorite pasttime, l don’t know what’ll come from it, but certainy….something would have 2 fill that gap. Well hopefully (if it comes down 2 it) as it is aid; That Which Does’nt kill us……


Though l haven’t hit rock bottom yet, l’m certainly feeling the sensation of falling. As l go about my day, usually consisting of web surfing, it never fails, l always seem 2 come across some1 bitchin’ about their boss, or bitchin’ about working 2 many hours, or bitching about how they’re doing some1 else’s job, and all I can think of, is; “good times, good times”  Sometimes l think some ppl don’t get…that their are others that would love 2 trade their unemployment, 4 the luxury of being able 2 complain about their boss, or situation. As they say; The grass is always greener, hmm?

For Those Ready To ASSEMBLE (Beware! Avengers Spoilers Ahead)

Well? What can be said? This, 4 sure; l don’t think there was a movie EVER that l anticipated seeing more, bar none! ln a way, that was almost a strike against it, right out of the box! Could a movie, w/ so much promise, possibly livec up 2 the hype? ln a word. YES! A resounding yes! That said, unlike many of my youtube brethren, l neither thought it was the best movie, ever, nor did l think, it was the best super hero movie, ever! l did however think that the Avengers set a bar, that will be very difficult, 2 equal, much less, surpass.

As far as how l felt about it, specifically? Avengers definitely made my top five super hero based/inspired movies of all time, w/ the possibility of going top three of all time, when the bzz wear’s off.  1st, let me do the nit-picky thing, and talk about what l wasn’t crazy about, in this film. (1) Stay all, 2 the end of the movie, 2 see the Avengers eating take out. The entire audience that wa in attendance were practically like; WTF, we waited 4 that? Non comic book fans won’t get the joke, and this comic book fan, didn’t think it was funny, in the comics. (2) Even l’m starting 2 weary of Stan The Man, muggin” in every Marvel movie. We get it, Mr. Lee. U were one of the pillars that made Marvel,  Marvel! (3) Maria Hill… 4going 4 the moment that Colby Smoulders was woefully miscast, even a perfectly cast Maria Hill, would basically have nothing 2 do but look grim, and…and well essentially, just look grim. (4) The man-crushing on Cap was okay, but l felt, it went on a bit long. (5) Maybe there’s some ppl, far more observant than myself, but l kept looking out 4 Easter Eggs; Pym being a Stark employee, or a Shield scientist, a mentioning of Wakanda,  a dude training his pet “falcon”,but nada, nothing, zilch. Well despite all those nitpix, let me get in2 what l  did like about the film, and that was just about……….EVERTHING ELSE!

Such as, Black Widow, seemingly being held captive, and tortured, while we the viewer knows that she’s “playin” these guys, we’re just waiting 2 see how she’s gonna handle things, and when it’s time: Handle things, she does, Big Time! Anybody seeing this film, shouldn’t duubt that a Black Widow movie would work. Seems like making one, would be minimal risk, major reward. One of my concerns about Widow was put 2 rest, early on, when “they” finally had her speaking Russian, and l was like; Yes! As a matter of fact, there was only one character that l liked more than Widow, and that was Hulk! l thought, at best, l was just gonna tolerate his CGI self being on screen, but as it turned out, Hulk was a G! When he sucker punched Thor, that may very well have been my favorite part in the whole movie. Mark Ruffalo’s Banner was pretty damn decent, a well Naturally Downey nailed Tony/lronman as everyone would exspect. Questionable costume choice aside, Chris Evans played Cap w/ the same conviction as he did, in his own movie (l do wish Sharon Carter had been a Shield agent, though) lronically l found that l could accept Hemsworth as Thor, here, which l could not do in the Thor movie, itself! Hawkeye was 4 the lack of a better phrase, the str8 man of the group. l don’t have a problem w/ Jeremy Renner’s portrayal per se, but like Fury, l believe this is more Ult Hawkeye, than 616 Hawkeye.

Also l was surprised at how big a part Loki ploayed in this movie. l was under the impression that Loki was going 2 be a more behind the scenes type character, pulling the strings of the primary Big Bad. As it turned out, Loki’s strings were being pulled, but l’ll go more into that, when l’ll be joined by a few guests, via skype, 2 be aired on youtube.

Catch y’all later

FCBD, & Unemployment

Along w/ the Avengers movie, & free comic book day, is my pet bird, the one anchored 2 my neck; the albatross! The irony of their being a “free” event, where one might not be able 2 afford 2 attend, said function, is not lost on me’ There was a time or two, when l did have a job, and couldn’t afford 2 go 2 a fcbd event. (Long story. Don’t ask) Now that it’s going on fourteen months, being jobless, and prospects have been few, and far between, the one little bit of solace that l have, prior 2 purchasing potentially black magic markers, and sturdy cardboard, so l can print up some; “will work 4 food signs” is that at least l’ll be able 2 see The Avengers, b4 the other boot drops.

All that said, though what I’ve written in the above paragraph, may not sound like it,…l have not given up. l am uncertain what the future holds, but if it’s the worst of the worst, l intend 2 go down fightinmg and scratching all the way. Even b4 it would get 2 anything like that, l would do whatever’s possible, not 2 become a victim, just because Life’s board, and has decided 2 pick me, as one of her chosen. I don’tbexspect 2 come out of the other side, like Tony Robbins, or T.D. Jakes, but regardesss, l refuse 2 succumb 2 the pressure, either.

2 be cont’d…….eventually

The Avengers Movie

So, May 4th’s the big day, eh? It’s time 4 everyone 2 Assemble! I had mentioned on twitter that I had not been as geeked 2 see a movie, since the 1st Christopher Reeve Superman! (yeah, l’m old) as the fellow tweeter reminded me, but it’s all good. 🙂 Other than a Justice League movie, I can’t think of a film that I’d rather see be made in2 a movie. The 1st Avengers comic l remember seeing, was l believe a reprint called; Marvel Triple Action, which l believe at the time, on the cover, were The Swordsman, Hercules, and the heroes most ppl would easily recognize as being Avengers, at that time. The 1st Avengers I clearly remember buying, that wasn’t a reprint, featured w/ The Avengers, were The Squadron Sinister, a sort of knock off Justice League, that was also my introduction 2 the art of George Perez, the best Avengers artist ever, in my book.

My memories of Avengers history is such, where l remember the moments that l wassn’t crazy about; The Korvac Saga, any issues where the Avengers had 2 wear jackets (practical, yes. pleasing 2 the eye, no) Though there were many more times that I remember fondly. The 1st changing of the guard, where they went from being a power team w/ IronMan, Thor & Hulk, 2 a stealth team w/ Cap, Wanda, Quicksilver, & Hawkeye. Later on additions like Hercules, Black Panther, The Swordsman, and most notably, IMO, The Vision.  Then there wass the art, of course.  Naturally, Jack Kirby kicked it off, but since then, in no certain order, The Avengers has had a who’s who of artistic talents that have shined on this title. John Buscema, Neal Adams, George Perez, Johm Byrne, Carlos Pacheco, & David Finch, 2 name a few, and while l haven’t been that big of a fan what direction The Avengers comic has taken lately, my spirits have not been dampened by what potentially could be comics greatest movie, but even if that’s not the case, we will have all been a witness 2 history, of which we could only hope, that lightning can strike twice!